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Plenary stakeholders laboratories - PSL

CLAIM devotes specific attention to the integration of research actors and stakeholders, as a central component of the Project strategy and as an integral part of the development of the framework to support policy design. The Project interacts between local, national and EU stakeholders and policy makers throughout the Project life cycle.

At the Project level these relations are based on a network of stakeholders from EU 27 countries with the aim of supporting the Project activities through a participatory process, this network is called Plenary Stakeholder Laboratory – PSL

This interaction guarantees:

  • A contribution of stakeholders to further specifying Project objectives, as well as to participatory research activities aimed at building and validating the framework developed in the Project;
  • a privileged channel for the dissemination of Project results;
  • a network for exchanging practices and ideas throughout different geographical areas (the European Union member states, and all candidate countries), different levels (local, regional, EU) and different roles with regard to innovation (private companies, public institutions, research, civil society).

The PSL is composed of 25 members representing EU-wide institutions related to Agriculture, the Common Agricultural Policy and landscape provision and national representatives, mainly from public institutions in charge of the interface between CAP and landscape.

Through this strategic and integrated laboratories:

  • the distance from research results and efficient policy suggestion is shortened;
  • researchers are constantly driven and supported by stakeholders;
  • the language obstacles of people with different backgrounds are removed;
  • the resources are prioritized around major challenges highlighted by the stakeholders;
  • the evidence based policy support framework is standardized and rationalized around agreed and useful common points;
  • partnership between researchers and other public institutions is promoted;
  • more efficient dissemination and exploitation channels are built up both for the Project scientific results and for its policy recommendations.

The PSL aims to:

  • provide guidance to the Steering Committee on Project orientation;
  • assess the research activities and their results;
  • validate the developed framework:
  • contribute to the consistency of Project activities in light of stakeholder positions and expectations;
  • ensure that Project results are directly usable to respond to the policy issues addressed;
  • ensure that the results are directly usable, in particular, to support CAP policy reforms and implementation in 2014-2021 and beyond;
  • represent a preferential means for dissemination of the Project results.

The PSL constantly supplies advice on the development of the Project framework and gives support for information collection at the EU level, moreover it provides expertise for the discussion and validation of the proposed conceptual framework both at the preliminary stage and at the stage of implementation into the final manual.